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Our proprietary Precision Etch technology is a flexible and creative solution for many glass etching treatments. Decorative glass shouldn't have to be limited to technical specifications or architectural plans, which is why we developed our Precision Etch technology. With Precision Etch Technology, we are able to easily etch seamless patterns across multiple panels of glass, create looks that specifically fit within your space requirements, and test multiple creative solutions within your design and project space within minutes - that way you can have exactly what you want without any restraints or costly changes. You can also take comfort in knowing that your decorative glass is exactly what you want. In other words, Precision Etch allows your to spend less time dealing with samples and costly production changes, and more time enjoying your glass.

It's all in the details



Don't miss a single detail in your design. Our Precision Etch technology can capture and etch even the tiniest of lines and fine detail - allowing for more creativity and design options for your project. Precision Etch will ensure that no detail is forgotten in your glass design.

Not exactly sure if that frost level will work in your space, but don't want to commit to full change in your design? Our Precision Etch technology allows you the opportunity to test different options within your etched design without having to spend extra time and energy.

Curious what your original etched project might look like with some color added to it or etched on a different surface? With Precision Etch, we can create a multitude of different combinations. We welcome custom projects and would love to discuss the variety of glass options available for you.



We offer a full range of frosting opacities depending on the level of privacy needed and we are able to combine various Precision Etching techniques with many different treatments. We also offer a variety of patterns that can be combined with the frosted glass and gradient etching. Below are our standard available options for our etched glass surfaces. Please note that these are our general options, so don't hesitate to contact us if you don't see quite what you are looking for. If you are looking for a custom project  give us a call and we can work with you on your specific project.







60x144 - 1/4"

60x120 - 3/8"

60x100 - 1/2"

60x144 - 1/2"

laminated (1/4 on 1/4)


Flat Polish

Seamed Edge




Diamond Seal

White Coating


Clear Glass

Low Iron Glass


Laminated Safety Glass

Tempered Safety Glass

Back-painted Glass


Textured or specialty glass is available upon request.




Surface etching is the perfect option to bring both style and functionality to a space. Our proprietary etching techniques allow for complete flexibility so that you can create unique, custom etched glass that can be adjusted and perfected to fit any space. Etching is a perfect addition to many architectural glass projects including walls, glass partitions, railings, shower enclosures, and many other decorative glass additions.



If you are looking for more flexibility when it comes to privacy, but don't want to sacrifice style and design, then gradient etching may be the perfect choice for your project. Our capabilities provide you the option to adjust and customize both your decorative glass design and the amount of gradient frost you want within the design. This is the perfect solution for areas where you may want more privacy, but don't want to sacrifice the style of your space.

Choose Your Opacity

Gradient Frost

Combine Elements

Our frosted etching is a great solution for creating whatever environment you want. If you are looking for more privacy, you have the option to choose a high opacity level.  If you just want a light frost for less privacy, we can do that too!

If you are looking for something with more variation, our gradient options may be just the fit for you. We can adjust our gradient levels to fit your privacy needs and will also surely make an impact in any space!

Make your space come alive by combining a range of etching techniques that embrace functionality, flexibility, and creativity. Choose from any of our pattern options or work with us to design your own. Next, choose your privacy level and whether or not you want a gradient look. Finally, enjoy your unique and inspiring space.


0% - no frost - full transparency

25% - minimal frost & privacy -high level of transparency

50% - medium frost & privacy - medium transparency

75% - medium/high frost & privacy - minimal transparency

100% - full frost & lowest level of transparency


Please note that 100% frost still has a minimal amount of transparency. If you are looking for less transparency, we can double frost glass as well.


We offer several options for opacity levels, which are simulated in the slider below. Opacity levels range from 0% (no frost), 25% (soft, but still transparent), 50% (med. level privacy), 75% (med.-full privacy), and 100% (almost complete privacy). Please note that opacity levels may vary when viewed in real applications and these photos are intended to represent the degree in frost variation and privacy levels between our available Precision Gradient options.  Contact us to receive a sample of gradient levels and frost options for your specific project.

- Click the image slider in the center of the photo and slide from left or right to see different opacity levels -

PRECISION etch + digital printing

Looking to make a big impact, while still having a functional space? By adding a digital print or pop of color from any of are pattern options, your space can be transformed into a high-end designer look that still offers privacy and functionality. These looks are great for areas where you want to make a statement or have a more dynamic look. We recommend that any printed surface be on surface 2 of your glass in order to protect the integrity of the print and maintain the color and beauty. These looks work best on walls, safety railings, framed or wall-mounted pieces, and any other glass surface that will allow for multi-surface treatments.

PRECISION etch + digital printing + MIRROR

Transform your small space into a dynamic environment by combining our proprietary Precision Etch technology with mirrored surfaces. These looks can make a space take on a completely new perspective by combining light and shadow with texture and dimension. Precision Etch Mirror can be combined with multiple techniques to create endless looks.

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Heavy Effects Product Line is a decorative glass and mirror line for interior spaces. We specialize in designing and applying intricate artistic treatments to glass to create high-end designer looks. We are passionate about developing new solutions and techniques that push the boundaries for decorative glass. Our areas of expertise include custom glass etching, digital printing, laminating, custom cast textures, and custom design development. All of our work is produced in-house on fabricated glass products to meet your needs. We offer a variety of glass options including clear, low iron, mirror and casted. We welcome complex ideas and we are passionate about designing high-quality decorative glass products.